pregnancy/labor project

dear world,

i’ve read in a couple different places lately about planning a project to work on while finishing up a pregnancy, but more specifically to work on as labor begins. the idea is to take your mind off early contractions so that you have something positive to focus on and distract you from the pain at the same time.

so, what on earth am i going to make? to be realistic, i’m not the craftiest person on earth. i can generally manage the basics of whatever it is before i lose interest. for example, i can knit, but i can only knit in a straight line. i can sew, but will call my mother to hem a pair of pants or to mend a hole. i used to be able to make those pretty macrame necklaces with beads, but honestly there i just out grew that one.

this weekend, i got a notion that i would make this new baby a quilt. i feel like i haven’t done much just for this baby individually and i love the quilts other people made for V. then i started investigating. it can’t be that difficult, right? actually, yes it can. it’s a decent investment at the outset (sewing machine, sewing stuff) plus my lack of ability means at least 2 or 3 costly mistakes. also, quilting is a craft that you’re supposed to learn from someone like your mother or someone else’s mother. my mother and my mother in law are both great quilters, but i don’t think i have the patience to learn from them.

back to square one. what can i actually make for this new little girl that won’t look like a beginner made it. i think i’ll probably just knit her a blanket, but a nice one. (i wish i could find my knitting needles!)

looking for a little creative direction,



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