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salsa dancing? why not…

dear world,

MHM and i were invited to one of his student’s graduation celebrations. we received a proper invitation in the mail requesting the pleasure of our company at an authentic mexican dinner party and evening of latin dance. we obviously accepted.

both of us felt a bit apprehensive attending this dinner party, though. me, because i literally would not know a single person aside from my husband and imagining having to make small talk with a bunch of 18 year olds and their parents didn’t sound all that appetizing. MHM felt a little intimidated by the unclear level of grandeur inspired by the fancy invitations. whatever, we went.

it turned into a lovely evening. i haven’t been to a social event recently where i didn’t know not only the guests, but also what to expect. last night, we met one of the graduate’s other teachers and her husband, her parents, a handful of classmates getting ready to go off to college and various other people i didn’t pay attention to- oh and a bright eyed 4 month old grandbaby. because i didn’t know anyone obviously they couldn’t know i am pregnant. also, i forget this, being pregnant is an obvious conversation starter. pregnant women never need to worry about the ability to make small talk. it’s simply a subject many people want to hear about.

i received compliments for how lovely my skin looked, how well i endured the heat, how i found a good husband and he’s lucky to have such a beautiful wife, how i’m a trooper for standing on my feet as long as i did. but the real kicker is that the parents hired salsa teachers and held a latin dance lesson in the kitchen. apart from the 8 high school graduates, MHM and i were the only other people participating. we did the merengue and some other dance i can’t remember the name of. i was twirled. it was fun. i think MHM got cool teacher points. (i just can’t move my hips like that right now. i’m afraid they’ll come unhinged all together.)

i enjoyed the evening much more than i could have anticipated.

glowing with that pregnant lady glow,



moving on: an update

dear world,

it’s  been a while since i’ve posted anything because i just haven’t had anything to say. but, believe it or not, life keeps moving on and here we are.

V turned 2 years old in may and is amazing me everyday with her ability to learn. she can sing now and sing she does. twinkle twinkle, row row, i see the moon, you name it and she will sing it.

she’s also learned how to pretend. our favorite game right now starts with me asking, “where’s V? all i see is an elephant!” and she makes the elephant noise. she can do all the animals: tiger, bear, rabbit, puppy, cat and so on.

the other interesting change for me is her ability to express frustration. she clearly has an objective and gets really frustrated when it doesn’t go according to her plan. for example, this morning she was walking around the kitchen in one of my purple heels and got caught on the rug. urrgghh! mommy help, me help? she asks.

keep on keeping on,


kids’ music: part b

hello world,

usually, b is for banana, baboon and bacon, but today b is for they might BE giants. possibly you have heard of them? i saw them in concert several years ago (ok- many, many years ago). i don’t remember which year, but i do remember having a rockin’ good time. better known for songs like istanbul (not constantinople) and other adult music, they might be giants have done several kids’ albums.

we have 3 of their kids’ albums: here come the 123s, here come the abcs and no!. there are winners on each album. on the numbers album, each song focuses on a different number. my current favorite is the pirate girls nine. the letters album also has separate songs dealing with individual letters. V broke it down to the vowel song during snack this morning. no! is just great music.

they might be giants released a new record this month called here comes science. i learned about it from a good friend and astonomer. i haven’t heard it yet, but i’m looking forward to adding to our collection. the challenge is that kids’ music is designed to get stuck in your head and i’ve been singing the pirate girls song for the last 3 days…

pirate girls, pirate girls, pirate girls nine,


kids’ music: part a

dear world,

a is for apple. a is for alligator. a is for aardvark. today, a is for album. if you have a child or know a child or started out life as a child, i’m sure you listened to your fair share of kids’ music. everyone i know can still sing “the wheels on the bus” and “old macdonald has a farm” without missing a beat. there are classics that will never pass into oblivion.

and sometimes those classics make me want to stick a fork in my eye.

there is a growing trend among established artists to create a kids’ album that adults can also appreciate if not down right enjoy. as we get to know each other more, i’ll continue to share our favorite adult artists with kids albums. V has her own ipod– for  a modern baby she needs to understand how to access her music. when we’re making dinner or just playing around we’ll plug in her ipod and she can dance away.

my current favorite is laurie berkner. i think she is primarily a children’s musician and we have three of her albums: under a shady tree, victor vito and whaddaya think of that. i get the feeling she has a child and as they play together, these are the songs they sing. the songs are simple and uncomplicated (as children’s music should be). but, they are wonderful! she sings a song about rhubarb pie! i’m in the shower with the chorus running on a loop in my brain, but i don’t mind. the other bonus to laurie berkner’s music is that she doesn’t talk down to kids-  “rhubarb pie is a hot commodity.” what baby sings anything about being a hot commodity?

V loves her albums. when we start a song she stops whatever she’s into and breaks it down- dancing, shaking her head, bending her knees, shaking her egg. seriously, hours of decent entertainment that grown-ups can manage as well.

glad it’s not the same old songs,