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making the make-up switch

dear world,

after V was born, i felt like i needed a little something more than moisturizer on my face for everyday living. my mother introduced me to the bare minerals make-up, took me to the store and had the ladies show me how to apply it and i’ve been wearing it pretty much everyday since then. i’m nothing if not loyal.

recently, i felt like i should maybe try a different product. or a different manufacturer or just something different than what i’ve been doing for the past 4 years. everywhere i looked, i found this make-up called hello, flawless. how’s that for positive thinking?

last friday, after a terribly long week at work, i took a half day and went to the mall. i took my 15% off coupon and went to sephora to ask for direction. should i stick with what i have or move on? the woman who helped me pulled out two products, showed me how to put them on and seriously, my skin looked great! plus, this new make-up takes a 4 step process (foundation, concealer, warmth, mineral veil) down to 2 (concealer, powder foundation).

as a mother who needs every spare minute in the morning, this is revolutionary. and damn- that concealer actually hides the dark circles that have been living under my eyes for the past 6 months (4 years…). i didn’t think it was possible. i feel a little like a traitor and i still haven’t told my mom that i’ve switched away from her favorite brand, but i’m kind of proud of myself for trying something new and mastering a new make-up technique. (i know i can sound pretty girly, but i really only know the tricks people have taken the time to show me. i have zero creativity in the cosmetics department.)

maybe not really flawless, but feeling pretty close,