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i know it’s a phase, but that doesn’t make it better

dear world,

with both kids in new schools, our routines have shifted utterly and completely. N cried every morning for a week when we dropped her off at school and now she’s fine. i get a wave and maybe a hug and off she goes playing with her friends.

V is doing so great in kindergarten, but still struggling with choosing to do something she doesn’t want to do. i read somewhere that kids only have so many minutes of good behavior per day and in all honesty, i’m glad she spends them at school, but it can make for some messy home times.

we had a terrible settle down last night. she yelled, she kicked, she screamed at the top of her lungs. mostly because it was time to go potty and brush teeth before reading books and bed. but she just couldn’t. her little body and mind were so overtired that she fell to pieces. finally, after she eventually calmed down, i told her how much i like spending time with her and how much i would prefer to spend time with her when she felt happy and acted nicely  instead of yelling and kicking and screaming. i’m sure some of this is a desire for attention, but the presentation is really awful.

and then, to top it all off, i thought i’d pick her up from school today instead of having her go to the aftercare and spend some one on one time together. and after she fell out, she finally told me that she’d rather go to y-club and play for a while.

it’s a deal.

i know it’s a phase. i know it will pass. i feel utterly resigned to waiting her out each night for the next however many nights until she works through this. i hope it passes quickly. this sounds terribly morose and in fairness to V, i should also mention how amazing it is to watch her play school with N every evening after dinner. they have centers and take field trips and do art. it’s fantastic to see her parrot her teacher like this. and then it shifts out of pretend and real life is a bummer sometimes. i mean really, who wants to quit playing and go to sleep?

waiting it out,



night night, baby

dear world,

when V was around 2 years old, her best game was putting her puppy to bed. she would pull all the dish towels out of the drawer and cover her puppy up over and over again. night night, puppy!

now, as N approaches 2, she plays the same game. M and i watched her over the past couple of days searching for a towel, a blanket, a shirt to cover up whatever baby she happened to be playing with at the time. night night baby!

it’s amazing to me how identically my two little girls choose to play. and it’s not like N can model off of V. V doesn’t really play that game anymore. amazed,


nervous laughter

dear world,

whenever V is being very bad or feeling very nervous or unsure or just sassy, she busts out in this high pitched, uncontrolled nervous laughter.

we are moving tomorrow and tonight is out last night in this house. last night, she fought bedtime for 2 hours including nervous laughter as well as much jumping on the bed among other poor bedtime choices. i can’t decide if she’s actually nervous and unsettled about the changes or if she’s making a choice to be naughty.

either one is perfectly plausible and equally abrasive. i’m unsettled. i didn’t sleep well last night and woke up realizing all the stuff we hadn’t packed to bring with us for our bagel blanket picnic this morning (including toilet paper!). i know it must be hard for a little person to sort through all this chaos, but as a grown up person who’s sorting through the same chaos, nervous laughter as the cherry on the sundae isn’t really helping.

feeling uneasy,


ps- i should say that i love our new house and can’t wait to get to know our new neighborhood. it’s the transition that’s a bitch.

the worst walk home ever

dear world,

today, i think i was the most angry i’ve ever been at V. we went for a walk to the co-op. she rode her tri-cycle and i walked along. N took her nap and MHM worked at home. my plan was to get out of the house so he could finish his work.

we got to the co-op with minimal mishaps and then it was on. she wanted to stay at the front and do chalk art which on a sunday morning at 8am is totally fine because no one is there to steal her. at 4pm on labor day, the co-op was packed so that was not an option.

and she fell out.

not even a little bit. a lot. i managed to make it back to the milk section and she literally threw herself to the floor kicking and screaming. i couldn’t even get her to walk out of the store.

i put the milk back, threw her over my shoulder like a sack of kicking, biting potatoes and somehow got out the door. the one gentleman she almost kicked said he understood, he raised 8 kids. at least that’s something. then, she threw herself on the ground outside. then she threw herself down on the ground across the street.

so, how did we get home? i pulled the tri-cycle behind me, lugged the empty milk bottle over my shoulder and carried my limp as a noodle, but full of spit-fire 4 year old over the other shoulder. i could barely speak i was so furious. i gave her the chance to walk 3 times and twice she ran away from me. the third time i think she just sat down. i almost dropped her in the street because she struggled. in a field, this would not be a problem. but we don’t live in a field. we live in a city. with cars. that drive on the previously mentioned streets. she had such dangerous behavior i nearly cried from the frustration and worry of it.

it’s fairly embarrassing to have your child (out of pure rage) yell, “stop, you’re hurting me” over and over again in public. for the record, i was not hurting her.

we finally got home. i took her upstairs to her room. she proceeded to jump on the bed, yelling the whole time. she woke up her sister. i gave her 10 minutes in her room by herself primarily because i needed 10 minutes by myself. MHM went upstairs and sorted her out. she apologized, but i am still so angry.

in my head, i know she’s tired. i know she’s overtired. i know that it happens to every parent. this is the first time i have had to leave a shop without accomplishing the reason for going into the shop due to a tantrum. usually, i can weather it. today, it was a disaster.

i have no moral to this story. just that it happened. at least she’s asleep and i didn’t have to do bedtime with her.

grateful for the small things,


missing some milestones

dear world,

when i went up to the hospital for my surgery, i still rocked my baby to sleep every night. now, she can settle herself down for bedtime and for naps. i’m at once super pleased and super frustrated that i wasn’t the one to get her there.

yesterday afternoon, MHM took her upstairs, gave her a bottle, burped her and put her in the crib. then he just came downstairs and asked me if he could go on his errand. i asked that he wait until she was really asleep since i can’t lift still which means i cannot get her out of the crib.

he went upstairs 5 minutes later, peeked in and saw her sitting up in her bed quietly playing with her blanket and her bunny. i never heard another peep out of her. she settled herself down and took a 1 1/2 hour nap. which is amazing. i don’t know why i feel so frustrated by this development except that i missed it. i missed the moment when she turned that corner into being a big(ger) girl.



fresh strawberries

dear world,

friday night, my deal with V to settle down without fussing allowed her to choose her reward: 1. go to the book store in the morning and pick a book or 2. go to the farmer’s market and pick a treat. she picked go to the farmer’s market. (and she settled down without fussing!)

saturday morning, she asked first thing after opening her eyes if she had good enough behavior to go to the farmer’s market. she did, so we made the plan. she had to wear pants with pockets because she was going to get to carry her own money with her to pick out her very own treat.

this is the first time my daughter has left the house in jeans. she’s more of a leggings/skirt/dress type of girl.

at the farmer’s market, we picked out peas and asparagus for dinner. then, we examined each selection of strawberries before making our choice. she paid with 2 $2 bills, gifts from her great-grandma ann. she was so proud. she ate one in the car on the way home. she ate them for snack. they are now all gone and it’s only sunday evening.

peaceful bedtime in exchange for a quart of strawberries – yes please. i’m so trying that again next week,


double bed time

dear world,

i may have mentioned this before, but today it seems appropriate again. 2 children is way more than 1 kid plus 1 kid. for example, have you ever tried to put 2 children to bed at the same time? or even in the same evening? i have had two 2-hour bedtimes in a row.

first, V is back to her old i’m-not-sleepy tricks again. it’s dark. i can’t see. (believe it or not, i know this since i have just turned out the light.) bedtime is at 8pm. she finally settled down around 9:45pm.

second, N has become a night owl suddenly. gone are the days of falling asleep at 7:30pm and staying asleep until 3am. no, that couldn’t last. she won’t settle down until around 10pm. so as soon as one is settled, it’s time to settle the other one.

to be fair, MHM started settle down with V last night and i had just got N to sleep when he came downstairs. then, V started banging around and since she had been asking for me, he said i should go up. you know the rest. N obviously woke up, V obviously threw a fit and suddenly it’s 10:30pm and i’m exhausted.

i love my girls, but goodness they can tire a person out sometimes. i’m going to eliminate her nap altogether today when i take V to school. she did so much better at bedtime over the holiday break and that’s the only variable i can change.

ready for a peaceful evening,