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the morning struggle to get out the door

dear world,

i saw this image on facebook the other day and thought, i can relate to that. we have a limited amount of time in the mornings to get up and have breakfast. the girls wake up around 6:45am and we leave the house around 7:45am to make 2 drop offs at 2 different schools and then i barely have enough time to make it to work.

this morning, N just fell to pieces. she normally wakes up super happy and runs into the bathroom to go potty on her pink potty. then we wash hands, get dressed and wake up V. not so this morning.

first, she didn’t want to wear pants. well, pants are not optional. you have to wear pants.

then, she didn’t want to go potty. not a big deal except she just cried and cried and cried. “no pants! no pants, mommy! no pull up, no pull up. different pull up”. finally, i *literally* wrestled her into a pull up and a pair of purple leggings which led to more crying. “no pants, no pants…”

eventually, we found two additional pull ups, tried each of them on until she found one that met her expectations. we went back to her room and she chose a hello kitty skirt. she calmly let me help her put it on no problem and the tears instantly dried up.




PSA: wax paper is not the same as parchment paper

dear world,

in our effort to eat more whole foods and less processed stuff, i’ve started making homemade cereal bars. i’ve tried a couple of different recipes, but this one from tasted great and requires no use of the stove so the girls can help from start to finish. apparently, the bars are supposed to look like this when finished:


photo credit:

however, the first time i made them, i used aluminum foil to line the pan so the foil stuck a little to the bottom and i let them cool for a bit too long before trying to cut them. they certainly weren’t pretty, but they were absolutely edible.

this time, i thought, i’ll use wax paper to line the pan. the box says it’s oven safe. i mean, i did check the box and since we don’t have any parchment paper, i took the plunge.

my cereal bars turned out like this:

cereal bar crumble

cereal bar crumble

apparently, wax paper, when baked in the oven for any amount of time melts into whatever you happen to be making. my cereal bars had a fine layer of wax melted into them which i then had to peel off.

it was messy business.

in brighter news, my cereal bar crumble tastes just as good as a properly formed bar. one simply needs a spoon or many many napkins available to eat it.

crunching away,


ps- does anyone have any good no-heat recipes that kids can help with?

i can do it myself

dear world,

we have reached the do-it-myself phase of parenting with N. for real. if we walk into a room and i happen to turn on the light, i then must turn out said light and allow N to turn it on. needless to say, everything takes twice as long.

i had forgotten the fierceness of do-it-myself and how all things mean so much more. for example, going potty must only happen in the pink potty. the green potty will not do. the cup with a straw is mandatory. how could i possibly think that a sippy cup could be appropriate? she must sit in the chair next to me as opposed to in my lap. i am a fool.

it’s kind of amazing. there’s this balance shifting between choosing one’s actions and depending on me to do it for her. sometimes it’s ok and sometimes it’s just not. no. mommy do it. 

allow me to illustrate.

saturday morning, it poured. i mean, it really rained hard with wind and it was kind of cold and generally miserable. i thought, let’s go run errands. obviously. leaving the house, V, N and i all have on rain jackets and shoes. by the time we’ve been in the car 2 minutes, i’m the only person with all this still on. (N chose to jump in puddle so then V decided to do the same which meant very damp feet.)

at target, i barely managed to get N’s shoes on to make it in the store. they were off 30 seconds after i strapped her into the cart. at this point, we still have rain coats on. apparently, target doesn’t carry little potties so we had to make a second stop.

in the pouring rain.

as we bolt from the car into the store, i have on shoes and a raincoat with my hood on. V has on a raincoat that is not buttoned nor over her head. N is barefoot without any sort of shelter from the rain and crying desperately in my arms.

i don’t know if you’ve every been to buy, buy baby, but it is the bed, bath and beyond of baby stores. in fact, i think it’s owned by them. i now have a dripping wet, sobbing child in the basket of the cart (having refused to sit in the child seat) and a 5 year old who wants everything and can reach everything trying to choose a potty.

with a point in her favor, N chose the only blue and red potty as the one she must have over all the dora, princess and pink potties on the wall. the challenge being this one had no price, no box and apparently no side decals which meant we got the display for a discount. 20 minutes, 2 extra items and much bargaining for good behavior later.

glad she loves her potty,