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speaking in the 3rd person

dear world,

i used to get really annoyed at people who would refer to themselves in the third person as in, “cm doesn’t like her coffee with milk in it.” however, i do it all the time now for two completely different reasons.

first, being a mommy apparently shifts ones brain to automatically refer to oneself as “mommy” instead of “i” or “me”. it’s kind of weird when i catch myself switching back and forth between persons in the same sentence. like, “please give mommy’s shoe to me.” instead of “please give mommy’s shoe to her.” obviously it’s important that V knows that i am mommy or else she won’t know how to call me, but still it’s an odd mental shift and makes for some very silly conversations.

the second reason for me arrived after motherhood so while an odd transition it was not difficult. everyone on facebook speaks in third person. i am relatively new to facebook. a co-worker had to show me how to get set-up and explain how it works. i understand now, but the first few posts made no sense because i didn’t realize i needed to employ my newly developed third person speaking skills. i am now a pro.

not only can i refer to myself as she or her, but i can start in the middle of a sentence and just imply that it’s in third person. i am a language master.

thanks V and fb,