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a better use of $40

dear world,

today, i am cancelling my wine club membership to apply that $40 per month to my shiny new gym membership. it seems a better use of the money, really.

here are my goals:

  1. go to the gym 4 times per week- twice on the weekend, after work on tuesday and before work on thursday
  2. swim twice per week and do some form of running/walking machine the other two
  3. sub out one of the above for a group class every once in a while (yoga, pilates, something else?)

i joined the gym on sunday and did 30 minutes on an elliptical machine. then, yesterday i went to the other location near my work with the full intention of doing my first swim for exercise in probably 10 years. i didn’t even bring sneakers because i though i might chicken out and just use a machine instead of getting in the pool. i found the gym. i found the parking lot. as i walked up to the front door, the first sign i see says “pool closed all week”. seriously? it’s posted everywhere at this facility. i had to go home because i didn’t have a back up plan. i felt crushed.

instead, i got up this morning and swam at the location closer to my house. MHM is on spring break so i could leave the kids home and not worry about it. i swam 900 yards in 30 minutes. i remember being able to do so much more than that, but for my first time in a long time, i feel satisfied by my effort. now, i just have to keep it up.

making time for myself,



morning math

dear world,

i realized recently that every morning when my alarm goes off, i make a rapid calculation about what i’m going to do next. there are 4 options:

  1. go back to sleep for as long as possible
  2. do yoga
  3. take a shower
  4. feed the baby

i set my alarm for 5:05am with the full intention of getting out of bed, going downstairs and doing yoga for at least 20 minutes and 30 if i have hope the baby will sleep. but when that alarm goes off, the question of what weighs more rolls through my mind. if the baby was up a bunch in the night, sleep weighs more than yoga. if i’ve been particularly stressed, yoga weighs more than sleep. if i haven’t made it into the shower in a couple days, showering outweighs sleep and yoga.

and then there’s the baby. she has been on a 5am or 5:30am wake up plan lately. no sooner do i begin my yoga practice than i will hear her start to peep upstairs. or cry. even when i try to arrange for MHM to care for her so i can at least finish my practice, i’d rather feed her than have to pump so i stop the program and head upstairs. feeding the baby weighs more than everything.

so far this week i’ve just accepted that she’s going to be up a lot in the night and i’m tired. i’ve stopped fooling myself and i am not even going to attempt to┬ádo yoga this week. i’d like to sleep past 5:30am just once this week and catch up a little. then maybe i can start to add yoga back into that morning equation.

not a numbers person,