the cast of characters:

  • candidly mommy – that’s me
  • MHM – my husband
  • V – my oldest daughter
  • N – my youngest daughter

why bother blogging?

my first daughter was born in the spring of 2008 and i never imagined the way my identity would shift. once she was born, i reoriented myself and instead of seeing myself as the center i need her to be safe, comfortable and happy before i can be those things. i have a new filter to see the world. my second daughter arrived early in the morning in september 2011 and i’m beginning to discover what it means to mother two children.

i don’t mean to say that my identity went away or disappeared or that i lost myself somewhere in motherhood. i have simply shifted or opened myself in a new way and i don’t believe i can stop.

that’s the set up for who i am and why i’ll be sharing stories of our family’s adventures, discoveries, joys and disasters. i’m hopeful we can all learn a little something from each other and if not, maybe we can all have a laugh together.



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