i don’t want to go home!

dear world,

V loves her school. loves, loves, loves it. which can make pick up time (as opposed to drop off time) rather difficult. let me explain:

yesterday, i got to school just as V’s class was coming inside. i waited in the classroom rather than interrupting the line and getting everyone all excited. i behaved myself. V sees me and literally throws herself to the ground. noooooooo, she wails. i want to sit on the carpet and listen to a story and this and that and the other thing.

i cajoled. remember who’s coming for dinner tonight? don’t you want to go home and see pop? don’t you want to help me make tortillas again? no.

i tried picking her up, but she ran away and i simply refuse to chase  my child around a room in public. it becomes a game that i will never win.

i tried walking away. ok, well i have to go now. me and puppy are going home. see you later. (please note, i would not have actually left my daughter at daycare. my hands were full and i couldn’t actually pick her up with all that stuff in my arms.) her teacher must have decided that my parenting methods were a little lacking at this point because as i walked over to the counter to put all my stuff down, she walked over to V and said the same things i just said, but kindly picked her up, too. by the time i got back over there i was ready to take her from her teacher who apparently was not finished comforting my daughter.

i stood there and waited for her teacher to hand me my child. who then proceeded to attempt to fling herself out of my arms. sack of potatoes, over the shoulder and out the door we went.

i don’t know this teacher very well yet since V just moved into the big kid room within the last month, but now she’s judged me. oh well.

still the mom,



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