a moment of wonder

i haven’t laughed as hard as i did last night in a long time.

we were sitting at the kitchen island and it was time for treat, but because neither daughter ate a decent dinner i said they could have a healthy snack instead of ice cream. after the protesting stopped, we ultimately decided on bread with nutella. a compromise. a combination.

M says, it’s a treat-snack. a “track”. i suggested maybe a “sneat” would be better. V (who turned 6 two saturdays ago) says, what’s a sneat? we explained that we took two words and combined them to make a new word. M says, you know, like how if you combine mom and pop, you get mop.

V says, what’s a mop?

i say, it’s mom and pop put together.

and the look on her face was pure amazement. her eyes got as big as saucers and i could see the wheels turning in her little brain to try to make sense of a mom-pop combination and what that would look like. 6 year olds can be pretty literal.

and i couldn’t stop laughing. i laughed so hard i cried. a perfect moment of wonder.

can you relate?


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