my morning commute

dear world,

i realized on my drive in this morning how much i miss splitting my commute. before we moved, before the summer, i would pile the girls in the car, listen to children’s music (their choice) and have random silly conversations on the way to school. i would drop them off and drive the last 5 minutes by myself listening to the news.

now, it’s so quiet.

from the new house, it takes about 14-20 minutes to get to work depending on the traffic. as i sat in my car, surrounded by other cars, with one ear on the news story, i realized what was missing. i miss the chatter. i miss the singing along. i miss the questions about whatever it is that we’re looking at. i miss pointing out the flowers and trucks and trains and airplanes in the sky.

even after school starts again this fall, V’s kindergarten is 2 minutes from the house and N’s daycare is 2 minutes the other way. then, my commute looms ahead of me.

to be clear, there are morning when i will revel in the 20 minutes of alone time, but that didn’t happen today. loving my ladies,



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