moving day

dear world,

we moved on monday. seriously. we put all of our stuff in boxes and paid people to pick them up, put them on a truck and unload them into a new home. (this is the first time we’ve used a moving company and it is possibly the best money i’ve ever spent.)

and now, we come home to our new home everyday. it’s kind of weird.

the kids have been amazing. V and N both love their new rooms and the house was built in 1941 so it makes a circle downstairs. they can run and run around and around. i have found and unpacked most of the necessities for daily living, but the biggest challenge is that the kitchen is about 1/3 the size of our old kitchen.

if we didn’t cook, it wouldn’t matter. but we do. we have two contractors scheduled to give us estimates on building new cabinetry to store all of our necessary stuff. like the mixer. like the stock pot. like the 6 boxes just hanging out waiting for a place to live that isn’t the basement.

it’s actually pretty lovely to be in this new home. i’m super pleased. i also really hope we don’t have to move again for 20 years.

falling into our forever house,



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