saturday morning at the zoo

dear world,

an old friend came to town this weekend with his 2 year old daughter whom we have never met. what better place to let the kids get to know each other than the zoo?

we got there a little after they opened and his daughter, also a V, very specifically wanted to see the elephants and rhinos. then the tigers and lions. then my girls pretty much directed traffic.

komodo dragon, columbus zoo

however, right around elephants N decided that the stroller was for the birds and she wanted to walk with the big kids. needless to say, this slowed our progress somewhat. we could have hit way more areas today, but the kids had a great time wandering about at their own pace. the problem was when it was time to go. no one wanted to walk then. 3 parents carrying 1 child each all the way from australia to the exit gate.

at least we got to see the komodo dragon. dragons were also apparently on the second V’s list and fortunately, the komodo dragon woke up just as we walked past its area. it’s giant tongue flickered and it walked back and forth across it’s floor, all the while ogling our lovely ladies.

here’s looking at you, kid.


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