V is 5

dear world,

V is 5. starting this past monday, we did a little birthday surprise for her everyday after school leading up to the big day on friday. nothing big, but a little something to make the week special. monday, i got her a little potted hibiscus, tuesday she got to eat wendy’s for dinner, wednesday i used duct tape to cover a gatorade bottle and make it into a watering can for her flowers, thursday we went and bought summer sandals and friday we did a pre-school something special.

we registered V for kindergarten. and she was articulate and social and smart and sweet. exactly the little girl i imagine her to be when i’m not around. she showed off the best version of her lovely 5 year old self. she felt so proud to be starting kindergarten in the fall. and i am proud of her.

saturday we held a birthday party at the playground and about 15 friends came and celebrated with her. they mostly banged around on the play equipement and then it was time for cake. mind you, we held the party at 10am so cake at 11am may be a little out of the ordinary, but here we are. we gathered up the kids, sat them around the picnic table and that’s when i realized i forgot the birthday candle.

V was such a good sport. we all sang happy birthday and she literally blew out a pretend candle. they had cake and off they went. at least i only forgot the candle and not the actual cake or something obvious.

loving my little (big) girl,



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