dear world,

over the past few days, i feel like i have said a total of 3 or 4 sentences, but that i said them about 100 times each. V has forgotten how to listen. or possibly how to hear at all.

put your shoes on. in the mornings, there are lots of things to do before we can get out of the house and putting on one’s shoes is fairly important. i don’t expect the baby to put on her shoes. she is frankly a master and removing them in 2 seconds flat, but i do expect my big kid to make it happen. put your shoes on. V, put your shoes on. we can’t leave the house until you put your shoes on. why are your shoes not on? can you hear me? please put your shoes on. ok, i’ll put your shoes on for you. no! don’t take them off!

oh well. trying to remember it’s only a phase,



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