dear world,

i’ve been in a workshop with 8 of my co-workers for the past 5 days and we have one more to go before we wrap up. it’s long, but terribly interesting.

today, we had to practice a type conversation that is part of my job. i ended up partnering with one of the facilitators whose opinions and ideas i respect very much. also, because this is part of my role at work, i rarely get feedback from someone who thinks about the conversation the way i do.

i received the scenario and gathered my thoughts about how to start the conversation and what i wanted to accomplish. and then we got started. the practice took the form of a role play which means i took on the role of one person and he took on the role of another. it’s a bit like play acting, but with no time outs. instead of saying, i would say such and such, i just say it and he responds as the character would. improv.

our conversation lasted a little longer than the time allowed, but we kept going. at the end, he gave me feedback. he told me that i did a phenomenal job. he used the word phenomenal several times to describe my skills in the conversation and amazing at least once or twice. i feel so proud of myself.

i find it so reassuring that people find me to be capable in the role that i hold and that i can create an environment with a near stranger that allows the kind of conversation i hope for to occur.

feeling pretty good,



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