i just need some raisins

dear world,

this morning, V requested oatmeal and banana for breakfast. no problem. oh, except she usually has raisins in her oatmeal and we finished the raisins last night for snack. so, i give her a bowl of oatmeal and a whole banana and just pretend like its going to be fine.

nope. not fine. mommy, can i have some raisins please? no, we’re out of raisins. commence crying. wailing is probably a more accurate description. then, she threw her banana on the floor which scared N who started crying. now we have 2 children crying in solidarity over the misery that is a morning without raisins.

in my brilliant brain, i searched for a way out. then, more practically, i searched the cupboard and *halleluiah* i found a new container of raisins.

peace and the eating of breakfast returned to my dining room.

wondering why raisins,


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