working mom triathalon

dear world,

i read the articles recently about things not to say to a stay at home mom and likewise things not to say to a working mom. i forget how it came up in the article, but the working mom article mentions how being a working mom is like a daily triathlon.

my triathlon goes like this:

swim: get N up and dressed, somehow wake up V, get her pottied and dressed with minimal screaming/falling out, breakfast, start the car and then race to get everyone’s shoes/hat/coat on at the same time in order to get out the door. it’s a sprint to the finish every time. (V-put your shoes on. no, not my shoes, your shoes. N, put your hat on. no! don’t take your shoes off! put your coat on. no, your coat. no! dont’ take your coat off! and so on.)

bike: go to work. try to get all work things done in the allotted time at work. not so much as a sprint to the finish as a constant all out pedal, pedal, pedal.

run: pick kids up from school, make dinner, eat dinner, clean dinner off kids/floor/dishes, play, settle down. oh, finish work.

now that our house is officially on the market, add pick up every single thing that’s out of place and return it to said place. maybe this is the iron man of mommy triathlons  i will say, i have significantly less cleaning to do after settle down at the moment what with having to be ready to dash at a moment’s notice. it’s unsettlingly free of toys in here.

sprinting toward my own bedtime,



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