dance party

dear world,

we cleared out our house. it’s amazing. and totally unsettling. kind of like living in a hotel, but a hotel where you’re responsible for not messing anything up.

i worried all night about how V would react when she came home from nana’s house. would she freak out? would she be upset? since i feel unsettled and i have lots of years under my belt, how would this little person who already struggles to control her emotions feel about this big empty space?

MHM said maybe she’d like it because she can run around. when she actually got home, i told her it was all cleared out so we could have an awesome dance party. she liked that a lot and while we haven’t actually had said dance party yet, she’s mentioned it several times throughout the day. mostly, she’s enjoyed playing with her toys on all available surfaces.

feeling pretty mom-smart,



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