inherited behaviors?

dear world,

i realized today that in one very specific way, my children are just like me. we all three leave our socks on the floor. and i don’t mean in a nice neat pile in the bedroom or next to the hamper or even next to our shoes. we leave a trail of socks throughout the house.

MHM teased me about it when we lived together before we were married. then we got married and i guess it wasn’t as funny. i thought i’d been making a solid effort to put my socks away, but apparently this is not true. how else would both my children know to mimic my (admittedly bad) behavior in this way? i don’t even really wear socks in the summer. i don’t  know how they could have picked this up from me!

it sunk into my brain this afternoon as i wandered through the downstairs gathering not one or two, but a fairly sizable handful of socks. none of which matched. all of which had been worn. i don’t honestly believe that this is a solvable problem. primarily because i can’t help myself so i can’t really admonish my girls for the same behavior i show them.

so many socks,



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