halloween and the aftermath

dear world,

this year, V dressed up as snow white and N dressed as a snow leopard for halloween. (N was going to be a monkey until i went to look for the costume the sunday before trick or treat and realized we had given it away. oh well.) halloween turned out to be a pretty exciting day.

snow white and the snow leopard happily getting ready for school

the girls wore their costumes to school where they had a halloween parade and got some candy. then we had out halloween parade in the neighborhood, in the cold and rain as well. after the parade, we went home, wolfed down some pizza and headed out to trick or treat.

our neighbors from behind our house met us on the street by chance and the 3 big girls went up to the doors by themselves while the 2 little girls stayed with us at the curb. the grown ups chatted and the girls were so brave together. it was amazing. V is so grown up.

i should mention that it is about 45 degrees outside and steadily raining this entire time. it was miserable. V wouldn’t keep her hood on, but at least she had galoshes. N sat bundled up in her stroller wearing her snow leopard costume, a blanket, mittens and the rain visor of the stroller down. it was ridiculous. we made it about half an hour before everyone was tired, cold and soaked. warm baths for everyone. and good night.

the next morning however, we paid the price for our good times. as MHM was leaving for school, he said, what’s that smell? i figured it was N’s diaper pail and we’d take care of it when she woke up. our care giver arrived, we went upstairs and i hear her gasp.

N had puked in the bed. totally slept through it. gross.

we dunked her in the tub, but i couldn’t get the smell out. i changed her sheets. i changed my clothes. she was totally fine. no fever, happy temperament, ate a good breakfast. me, not so much. ugh.

and just to top it all off, the cat puked in my shoe.

but, i made it to work on time and now the baby’s room smells like dryer sheets which is a significant improvement.

happy halloween y’all,



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