baby blanket: complete

dear world,

i totally finished the baby blanket i started for my sister’s baby! and i am ridiculously proud of myself. i feel like i should probably be a little humble and unassuming about it, but this is the first actual proper baby blanket i’ve ever made.

exhibit a: pre-binding blanket

i almost gave in when i realized i had to hand stitch the entire perimeter  but i  did it and it only took me a couple of days. (mostly because my hand cramped up after the first day and i needed a break.)

exhibit b: the completed blanket

i just hope this baby uses it. i hope he’s warm in it. i hope he rolls around on the floor on it. i hope it shelters him from the rain while he’s running with his mommy from the car into the store. i hope he snuggles it at night. honestly, so long as it doesn’t get put into the bag of “oh, these are nice. we should use them someday” blankets, i’ll be happy.

done and done,



1 Response to “baby blanket: complete”

  1. 1 auntie manda October 31, 2012 at 10:14 am

    i think the blanket looks better in person!

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