the baby blanket project

dear world,

i tend to be intermittently crafty. i get a really good idea! then i get all the supplies i need to execute my really good idea! and then i lose steam.

for example, when i learned my sister was pregnant, i went out a bought this beautiful fabric to make her a baby blanket. i got one pattern for the front, a flannel pattern for the back and i even got batting to put inside to make it nice and warm. (please note, i have never actually made a baby blanket with batting inside before. i usually just stitch two pieces of material together and call it a day.)

i guess with this being my first nephew, i thought i’d make something really special. i’m pretty sure i got all my supplies in the spring. my sister had her baby a week ago today. hooray!

now, i guess i’d better get to work on that blanket…

yesterday, i did so great. i quilted a little, i trimmed the edges, i even ironed it. i got it all ready for me to finish up today. i planned to use the quilt binding my mom suggested. i uncovered the sewing machine. i got out the iron and ironing board. i got it out the binding and looked at it. then i looked at my fledging blanket and realized that this plan would not work. i called the sewing shop and she told me what to do which involves me purchasing more material in order to make the binding myself. (also something i have never done before.)

i got in my car and realized: i have no gas. i have no money. i will have both those things tomorrow.

i got back out of my car, put everything away again and will try again tomorrow. however, i did go ahead and send my sister her happy baby card and a target gift card in case this turns out to be a christmas present instead. (or just too awful to give as a gift. what if it looks like somebody who has no idea what she’s doing made it?! what kind of auntie would i be then?)

haphazardly sewing,



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