it’s a cupcake kind of morning

hello world,

this morning, i feel like such a mom. i got up with baby N (who I guess isn’t really a baby anymore now that she’s 1), got them both breakfast once V got up and then made frosting and frosted the cupcakes i baked yesterday to take to V’s school picnic this afternoon. V helped make the cupcakes, the frosting and helped frost and decorate the cupcakes. they are beautiful. lots and lots of sprinkles.

now, the dishes are done. N is sleeping. i just read books quietly with V and MHM is out for a run.

if i didn’t know that i’m still recovering and ave weight restrictions, i’d think i could actually handle this on my own again. but alas, the laundry is folded, but not put away because i can’t lift it to take it up the stairs. if the baby wakes up, we’ll go play with her in her crib because i can’t lift her out. on the surface, i’ve got this mom thing in the bag. once you get a little deeper, i’m totally dependent.

at least we have killer cupcakes,



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