spending the weekend at nana’s house

hello world,

it’s been a little while since i’ve posted. ironically, i’m back on medical leave and have very little else to do. i haven’t had the energy to put my thoughts out into the world lately though. it happens.

this weekend is MHM’s mother and step-father’s 20th wedding anniversary. however, rather than our whole family driving to to NY together, he is going solo and we are spending the weekend at nana’s house. just us girls.

V is really looking forward to it. N has no idea. and as for me, i’m not really all that excited about it. i’m appreciative. i can’t pick up the baby again so i can’t actually be alone with both girls. i know we don’t have an extra bedroom anymore so it’s not really fair to ask my mother to sleep on our sofa when she clearly has not only enough beds, but also a dog who needs to be cared for. it’s just going to be complete chaos. i’m not super thrilled to be in the middle of it.

it’s hard to be in charge of your kids when your mom is used to being in charge in her own house. she eats differently than we do. she lets them watch way more tv than we do. i’ve never actually stayed with her with the girls before. maybe i’m just over anticipating. but even when i stay there by myself, i still want to come home to my own house.

putting on my smile,



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