keep off the drugs, man

dear world,

i am currently not taking any prescription medications. this is the first time in at least 6 years that i haven’t gotten up every morning and brought my Rx medicine chest to the table with a big glass of juice. it was part of our morning routine: V has banana and cereal and i have juice and medicine. now i get to have a bagel and peanut butter. this is way better.

i had my follow-up appointment with the surgeon last week and she said i’m doing really well. i’m recovering nicely and i got cleared to lift the baby. i am back in bedtime business! of course this also means i’m back in wake up earlier than before business, too, but that comes with the territory. the rest of my restrictions are lifted august 6th. (but i’m still going to ask MHM to carry the laundry to the basement for me. it’s really nice not having to do that!)

this was the first in a series of surgeries and the next is scheduled for september 17th. and we start the whole hospital, recovery, restrictions over again for another 6 weeks. at least i’m on the path to recovery.

feeling free,



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