missing some milestones

dear world,

when i went up to the hospital for my surgery, i still rocked my baby to sleep every night. now, she can settle herself down for bedtime and for naps. i’m at once super pleased and super frustrated that i wasn’t the one to get her there.

yesterday afternoon, MHM took her upstairs, gave her a bottle, burped her and put her in the crib. then he just came downstairs and asked me if he could go on his errand. i asked that he wait until she was really asleep since i can’t lift still which means i cannot get her out of the crib.

he went upstairs 5 minutes later, peeked in and saw her sitting up in her bed quietly playing with her blanket and her bunny. i never heard another peep out of her. she settled herself down and took a 1 1/2 hour nap. which is amazing. i don’t know why i feel so frustrated by this development except that i missed it. i missed the moment when she turned that corner into being a big(ger) girl.




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