dear world,

it’s been quite a week! last friday evening, a gigantic storm blew through and knocked out power, trees, houses, cars…. apparently land hurricanes are a thing now.

in my neighborhood, there are a million big trees and pretty old power grid infrastructure so my power was out until last night at 9:30pm. MHM and the girls have been in NY visiting grandma and grandpa and i told them not to come back until we had power. they hit the road at 8:30am this morning.

and now, they’ll be home within the hour. i’m totally excited to see them and kind of nervous to see them. it’s been almost 3 weeks since i’ve properly been at home with my family. i spent 5 days in the hospital, 4 days home with them and then they left. now, i don’t know how to act with them. baby n apparently loves everyone now and puts herself to sleep. V has her moments, but is overall much more pleasant and less tantrum-y than before she left. and i’ve been so quiet here by myself that i don’t know what i’ll do with all the chaos and racket that they bring.

and i totally miss that. i just can’t quite remember what it’s like. i’ve been by myself (in the heat) for so long.

nervously anticipating their arrival,



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