a little bored

dear world,

i’ve been off work for almost 2 weeks. i had surgery and spent 5 days in the hospital recovering. i spent 4 days home with my family and then they left for a week. a girlfriend visited for a day and a half and now i’m on my own.

it was kind of nice at first, but now i’m kind of bored. i miss my girls. i miss my husband. i miss talking to people. it’s really hot outside so it’s not exactly walk through the neighborhood weather although i did talk a long(er) walk this morning. it’s 99 degrees outside. that’s just gross.

i haven’t taken any of the pain medication since last night at bedtime so i could probably safely drive myself somewhere, but where would i go? what would i do? it’s like this total lack of activity and lack of mental engagement has left me without ideas or plans. i don’t really need to buy anything and i don’t have much stamina still so wandering through target for an hour is probably not on my list anyway.

i have 5 overripe bananas sitting in the basket. i thought, i’ll make banana bread! tasty and time consuming. i even got out the fake butter and washed the loaf pans before i realized i can’t lift the mixer. and that i can’t cream buter by hand. so i put the butter back in the fridge and i’m waiting until someone comes over who can lift the mixer and put it up on the counter for me.

i’m not really complaining. it’s so rare to have this much quiet i feel like i should soak it up and savor it. it’s also probably the best thing i can have to get stronger and feel better before the whirlwind that is my life gets started again tuesday evening when they come home.

really looking forward to it,



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