a thank you note

dear grandma m,

thank you for coming to stay with us last week when i got home from the hospital. i forget sometimes how willful and wonderful my children are and also, at times, how exhausting they can be. at least with 2 people paying constant attention to them we all have a better chance at getting to bed before 10pm.

thank you for cleaning my house. there are so many ways that it could have been misinterpreted as though my mother in law thinks my house is dirty/messy/i don’t do enough. but, you cleaned my house so that it would be nice for me when i got home. you even cleaned the bathrooms and the stove. that’s about the nicest cleaning anyone’s ever done for me, especially since i’m not supposed to do it right now.

mostly thank you for being helpful. just for helping when we need help and not having your feelings hurt when we don’t. thanks for being around to pitch in and understanding when i want to do it myself. for taking my suggestions and giving it a shot when i know full well you raised 3 boys by yourself during the same years we’re in with my girls. thanks for not thinking i’m bossy when i want to try it my way. and thanks for getting it done anyway when your way works better.




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