what, you can’t even call?

dear world,

i feel like somebody else’s mother right now. you know, those women you read about who are cranky and ask ridiculous questions. like, what, you’re so busy you can’t even call?

today is my husband’s second to last day of school. in the normal world, people go out and celebrate after the last day of whatever it is. in education, everybody goes home for the summer and doesn’t look back. so, if you want to blow off some school year steam with your co-workers, thursday night is your night.

i know this. he’s gone out with his friend’s for the last 2 years on the last thursday of school. i’m a little frustrated because he didn’t call or text to even check in and see how we’re doing. i got a call at 2:31pm to say what’s up. i returned the call after i got out of my meeting and haven’t heard anything since.

as i say this, he’s pulling up. so i guess i should sign off. i’m only frustrated because yesterday i had to pick up the girls, bring them home, fix dinner for the baby and then head back to work for the night. i checked in like 3 times because i felt so bad.

whatever, it’s fine,



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