children’s book: piglet’s picnic

dear world,

i must admit, i am a big fan of well written children’s books. there are some terrible books out there for all ages, but a poorly written children’s book is such a shame. it makes me appreciate a good one even more.

piglet’s picnic, by jessica souhami is one of my favorites at the moment. we got it a long time ago, but every once in a while V will bring it out again. it has all the elements of a good story- animals going on an adventure, food, repetition. it’s super fun. and all the animals think the food the other animals bring is yucky so as you’re reading aloud, you get to say, “that’s just nasty!” how many books for children are honest like that? not many.

i don’t know if they have it at the library, but i know they have it at cover to cover. i would recommend it for any young person, even early readers. the language isn’t complicated, but it is clear and concise. there aren’t any extra words.

always looking to add to our library,



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