creative naming

dear world,

V felt under the weather this week. when i picked her up from school wednesday afternoon, her teacher told me she said that her throat hurt. while she didn’t mention it again, she clearly didn’t feel like her normal self. she didn’t want dinner. she went to bed without a fight. she fell asleep in 10 seconds.

after a serious round of negotiations which included MHM and me standing in the kitchen, each listing all the important things we had to do at our respective jobs the next day, i ended up being the parent to stay home with her. (i was only going to be a participant in all my stuff whereas MHM was actually leading something.)

at the doctor’s office, V wanted to bring her puppy in with her. usually, we leave puppy in the car, but since she wasn’t feeling well we made an exception. the doctor asks, what’s your puppy’s name?

V replies, “little puppy.” because that’s her name.

what? the doctor asks. “little puppy,” V replies again.

how on earth did her most favorite toy/lovey get the name “little puppy”? i mean, we could have at least called her spot or sparky or benji, but no, little puppy it is. we are certainly descriptive if nothing else.

at least we know which puppy is which in our house. there’s giant puppy (which is giant), miffy (who is pink), noodle (who flops like a noodle) and so on. we also have big white bunny (which, you guessed it, is big and white.)

the creativity around here is stifling sometimes,



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