birthday eve

dear world,

my oldest daughter turns 4 on thursday. she is so excited. no really, let me tell you that again. she. is. so. excited. we had to make a 2 week count down calendar so that we could understand all the things that had to happen between that moment and her actual birthday and then another day and her birthday party. the only way we got her to go upstairs to bed tonight is to explain that tomorrow is her birthday-eve. and she has to go to sleep and wake up again before that can happen. birthday-eve! that’s silly, she says, but i think she thinks it’s pretty cool anyway.

she will explain this to anyone who will listen and, frankly, anyone who will not listen. listening is optional. turning 4 is life changing.

for me, i somehow cannot believe it’s been 4 years since she was born. she came into the world rather unexpectedly and i feel like we haven’t stopped moving since that moment. it felt like we would never be able to bring her home. and then she was at home with us and we didn’t know what to do without the nurses to support us. we threw an open house to introduce her to the world and someone gave us a 9 month sleeper. i honestly didn’t believe she’d ever get big enough to fill it.

now, she’s playing school at school. she pretends to be the teacher and her teacher pretends to be the kid. V can write how hold her teacher is in clear as can be handwriting. she can write her letters and sound out her words. she can climb in and out of the car by herself. (it doesn’t mean that she does that all the time, just that she is capable.)

somehow, we’ve managed to raise a smart, active 4 year old. and it only took us 4 years.

wondering what on earth to expect next,



1 Response to “birthday eve”

  1. 1 Chaotic Life, Happy Home May 11, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    Our beginning was similar and I spend time every day just staring, trying to memorize every detail and moment because I know they won’t last forever – especially at this speed!

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