mommy moment of the week

dear world,

before i share my mommy moment, i need to give a little bit of background information. i get my eyebrows waxed. there, i said it. yesterday, i ate my lunch at my desk and took my lunch break to run up to the salon to get my eyebrows done. it’s a long story, but the person who does my eyebrows now is the sister of the person i really wish was still doing my eyebrows. but, she moved to chicago so here we are.

at the salon, the dryers were broken and somehow they had a shortage of towels. and she accidentally dropped a bead of wax onto my shoulder which was obviously not covered by a towel due to the towel shortage. she suggested putting an ice cube under my sleeve and hopefully the wax would just pop off, but i wouldn’t be able to do this until i got home since technically i was still at work. (to her credit, she did not charge me for her service.)

now comes the real mommy moment. i go to daycare to pick up baby N from school. as i reach over the gate to take her from her teacher, she starts to cry. oh, i thought, she’s crying because she wants her teacher and not her mommy. i felt a little sad like she loved her teacher better than me. and then i realized the actual issue.

she had put her arm right in the bead of wax on my shirt. now there is wax on my little girl’s soft delicate skin. and it won’t come off. i rule.

i tried a wipe. not working. i tried a paper towel soaked with water and soap. not working. they’re not allowed to use alcohol pads for injuries at daycare so we dug up some kind of wipe that had alcohol in it and finally, after many tears, i got the wax off so her arm could stop sticking to itself every time she moved.

and of course, i have to do all of this during the busiest time of pick up and not only are all the teachers wondering what on earth i’m doing to make my baby cry, but all the other babies’ parents are wondering the same thing. and i ruined my shirt.

paying a high price for beauty this week,



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