first night away

dear world,

tonight is the first night i’ve spent away from the baby. i’m out of practice. i used to be good at spending time by myself in a hotel, but tonight i just feel tired, lonely and want to go to sleep.

on a brighter note, baby N slept through the night the last 2 nights so MHM shouldn’t have too much trouble once their both asleep. the bigger challenge is getting them both to sleep. last night, baby N woke up and needed settling just as V was getting ready for bed. it extended bedtime by hours.

wishing him a good bedtime,


ps- i am however looking forward to a really nice shower in the morning. all by myself with no one to interrupt. no one to hurry up for. i’m going to wash my hair, dry my hair and i’m going to take my time. i’ll be up with hours to go before it’s time to work anyway. may as well give myself a good scrub.


UPDATE: it turns out i had a stomach bug. that’s why i felt so crappy. so much for enjoying an evening to myself. i spent the night with a cold washcloth on my forehead wishing i was asleep. doh.


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