easter egg hunt

dear world,

our neighborhood is so wonderful. as i sit here writing this, our neighbors have gathered in the park across the street to parade around in fancy hats then (by age group) participate in our annual easter egg hunt. V is there with nana and pop.

i’m inside because inexplicably, baby N has decided to take a long morning nap. in my mind, i’d rather she sleep and miss the festivities than wake her up. not worth it.

nana offered to stay inside so i could go, but that seemed a little rude to make her miss the fun that she came all the way over here for. MHM came back inside (V refused to wear the hat) and asked me why i didn’t want to go. i do want to go, but i want N to nap more. i can hear the bunny hop playing outside. i’m sure they’re having a wonderful time. i honestly can’t wait to hear all about it.

when they come back, we’ve got lots of easter fun on the docket. we’re going to dye easter eggs. we’re going to bake bread for tomorrow’s dinner. i’m sure we can think of other easter things to do. V is really excited about this holiday. i think the easter bunny will have to hide some eggs for her to find tomorrow morning. super fun.

enjoying a festive holiday weekend,



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