no research

dear world,

several months ago i thought i was going to have to give up breastfeeding my daughter because i got prescribed a medication that’s unsafe for nursing. however, the insurance company wouldn’t approve the drug and so i just kept feeding her while we went through the appeals process.

now, i’ve been prescribed a different drug. i filled the Rx and as i’m reading the instructions they say that the effects on breast milk are unknown. do not breastfeed and take this medication. i totally thought it was going to be fine. i remember asking the doctor about nursing and taking the medicine, but i didn’t write down the answer. i usually try to not hear what i want to hear, but this time i did.

i called the specialists office. to his very great credit, he got a message back to me the same day. there is no research to show what happens to the baby if you take this and breastfeed. i called the breastfeeding hotline. same answer: there is no research to show the effects of the drug. no one wants to participate in that study, i guess.

i’m pretty bummed about it. i think mostly because i feel surprised. i thought it would be fine and it’s not. the trouble is i don’t feel well enough to just decide not to take the medicine. the doctor did prescribe it for a reason and i really hope it works. the good thing is that we made it precisely 6 months before having to switch 100% to formula.

c’est la vie,



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