lovely lashes

dear world,

15 Kristenas i read a magazine shortly after N was born, i found the best tip ever. it said, if you’re applying mascara on top of mascara (like if you’re dressing up to go out of an evening) wet your eye lashes before applying an additional coat. mascara needs something to stick to and this will help your mascara not get clumpy. bingo!

now, i know the magazine people meant this for people with social lives who leave the office or workplace for a night on the town, but as the mother of a newborn i’m lucky if i remember to take my make up off before i go to sleep at night. and let’s face it, at that moment if i could sleep for 5 more minutes or spend 5 minutes taking off my eye make up sleep was going to win.

now, when i neglect to take my make up off before bed, i’ll often take it off in the morning before i start again, but simply coating my eye lashes with a little water from the tap reduces those clumps like anything. and then at least i don’t look like i’m too tired to take my make up off.

They're Real! Mascarai also found a pretty great mascara and i’ve tried a bunch. i’m currently using benefit they’re real. the lady at sephora recommended it to me. she had kind of crazy eye lashes, but i think that’s part of their job description is to not look like the rest of us.

hope you find time to take off your make up,



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