the drive-thru: lazy or lovely?

dear world,

i read two completely different blog posts recently referring to the drive thru. you know, how you can pull up to starbucks, order your coffee and not have to get out of your car? i live in ohio deep in the middle of america. there are drive thrus everywhere.

apparently, drive thru banking is uniquely american. this never occurred to me before, even though i’ve travelled somewhat. most other countries have walk up ATMs or people go into the actual bank to do their banking. i remember being young and sitting in the van with my sisters while my mom did all her banking through the window. the little plastic door opened, she removed the tube, put whatever she put inside it and then it got sucked up, up, up and over into the bank. i can still hear the sound. (and it always came back with a sucker for each of us.)

it never occurred to me that maybe she went through the drive through because there were 3 of us and it was a pain to get us out of the car, into the bank, maintain good behavior and back into the car. maybe drive thru banking was made for her.

which is where the other blog post comes in. michelle noehren writes,

As a mom with a child under the age of 1 who loves to nap in the car, I have come to have a deep appreciation for places that have drive-thru’s. Just the other day I needed to pick up a prescription for antibiotics that I had to begin taking that evening. I picked up the baby from daycare and she fell asleep in the car by the time I got to CVS (my local pharmacy). It was incredibly cold outside and I just couldn’t bring myself to wake her up, carry her from the car to the store in below freezing temperatures, just to spend 5 minutes getting my medicine. Then I remembered that CVS has a drive thru pharmacy — score! I happily waited my turn in line, sitting in my warm car with my little girl sleeping peacefully in the back seat. (I’ve also had to use the Starbucks drive thru for similar reasons)

i am that person now. with two kids in the car, i have literally not gone places because i couldn’t fathom getting them both out without major disaster. i haven’t gone through the starbucks’ drive thru yet, but only because there isn’t one on my way to anywhere. i used to think that drive thru coffee or prescriptions or any of the other million ways americans don’t have to get out of their cars was because as a culture, we can be lazy. now, i know: some of us really, really need to keep the car running, to keep the baby sleeping.

slightly shifting my perspective,



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