the joy of a good bargain

dear world,

i totally got a good deal this morning. and i’m pretty proud of myself for doing it, too. you see, it’s rather expensive to have two kids in daycare at the same time and our budget is tight. it’s my job to *not* spend money on stuff we don’t need. it’s my job to remember to try to mostly spend money on stuff we *do* need or at least really, really want.

i bought a pair of khaki pants from the gap right before the holidays when i thought my size had stabilized. and i really love them. they fit great and they were really comfortable, until i lost more weight went down another size. the good news is that i’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. the bad news is that these pants really are too big now. they look baggy.

i mulled and mulled and decided that indeed, i need a new pair that fit. and i was determined to get a good deal. i listened to this story on npr the other day about how women generally get a better deal when buying a car. well, i wanted a good deal on these pants.

first, i went to the actual store to try the pants on (i wasn’t exactly sure what size to purchase.) with my 30% off in-store-only coupon in my pocket. i tried on the trousers. i figured out what size to buy, but when i looked at the ticket it said $54.95. i felt pretty confident that they cost less online. so i left the store with no pants and figured i would wait for an online coupon to come in my emails.

this morning, my moment arrived. i had a 40% off online-only coupon. the pants were on sale online for $39.99 and i had an additional $10 off. i bought two pairs for $40.53. and i got free shipping. i rule.

sticking to our budget,



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