i don’t know how you do it

dear world,

remember that book, i don’t know how she does it? well, someone asked me that question this week. i’m sure i’ve been asked that question before, but this week it resonated for some reason.

my work week got a little overwhelming this week, but i managed. part of what i do is staff development and after coming back from the holidays (and maternity leave) i had about 2 weeks to revise, update and run a two-day training. the training itself went well, but i busted my you know what to get it there. (and i got more negative feedback than i expected which is kind of a bummer. at least i know what i need to do next.)

thursday, i got the girls up and out of the house like usual then went up to the facility to check in with the facilitators and get started. we worked until after 8pm. everyone was asleep when i got home. then we did it all over again friday morning, but we finished a little ahead of schedule and i got to pick them up from school. friday morning, as we’re getting ready to get started, one of my co-workers turned to me and said, “i dont’ know how you do it.” and all i could think was, well, i have to.

it’s hard to balance work and kids. and housework. and date night. mostly, i feel like we manage to keep our kids healthy and safe if not always happy and both of us get our work done. but could we do more? in theory, yes. in practice, nope. i’m barely getting this done.

if i plan to yoga in the morning, then hit snooze for 15 minutes, i miss my window. i have to schedule a shower. i don’t know how i do it either, but at least it gets done… most of the time.

striving for more than the minimum,


ps- i should note that housework falls into the “when i have the time” category fairly often. to illustrate, the cat tracked muddy paw prints all through the downstairs which really necessitated mopping. and by the time i finished using the steam mop this morning, my shoulder hurt! that’s right, i have a sore muscle because of the steam mop. i rule.


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