routine change

dear world,

our entire weekly routine changed this week and i think we’re all still reeling from it a bit. not only did we just end two entire weeks off work and school, but my maternity leave properly ended. MHM’s winter break from teaching was actually longer than his paternity leave earlier in the year. this week saw us shift into a new normal routine.

starting on tuesday, i went back at work full time. which means V and baby N are in school together full time for the first time. both girls are doing so well during the day at school that i can only imagine it’s easy to fall to pieces as soon as we leave.

for the past 3 days, V has run away from me as soon as we walked out the door from daycare. not just a little run away, but i had to put the baby in the car and come back to catch her and carry her into the car. she ran into the street (dangerous!) she struggled against putting her seatbelt on. ugh.

N has decided that she doesn’t want to sleep in her bed alone anymore. last night, again, every time i put her down her little eyes would spring open. i finally put a fuzzy blanket underneath her hoping that maybe not having cold sheets would help her sleep. i think it worked. she settled in finally around 11pm. this is after i had been up since 4am struggling with the same issue the night before. this is probably not advised by some safety agency. but she slept! she slept!

and i am just exhausted. i forgot how tired working makes me. i tried to review some documents right before it was time to go home yesterday and had to put them away. i don’t remember what i read the sentence before.

here’s my plan: i have a pocket full of m&m’s and i’m not afraid to use them. V already got one this morning for getting into the car without a fuss. if she gets into the car after school without a fuss she’s going to get another one. i don’t know if this is healthy, but i have to do something or i may just cry. and i’m going to go to bed as early as i can get N to sleep. i don’t care if it’s 8:30pm. it looks like our new routine is going to have lots of treats for a while until we get used to it.

does anyone have another idea for helping my little ones adjust to our new routine?

overtired, but still trying,



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