double bed time

dear world,

i may have mentioned this before, but today it seems appropriate again. 2 children is way more than 1 kid plus 1 kid. for example, have you ever tried to put 2 children to bed at the same time? or even in the same evening? i have had two 2-hour bedtimes in a row.

first, V is back to her old i’m-not-sleepy tricks again. it’s dark. i can’t see. (believe it or not, i know this since i have just turned out the light.) bedtime is at 8pm. she finally settled down around 9:45pm.

second, N has become a night owl suddenly. gone are the days of falling asleep at 7:30pm and staying asleep until 3am. no, that couldn’t last. she won’t settle down until around 10pm. so as soon as one is settled, it’s time to settle the other one.

to be fair, MHM started settle down with V last night and i had just got N to sleep when he came downstairs. then, V started banging around and since she had been asking for me, he said i should go up. you know the rest. N obviously woke up, V obviously threw a fit and suddenly it’s 10:30pm and i’m exhausted.

i love my girls, but goodness they can tire a person out sometimes. i’m going to eliminate her nap altogether today when i take V to school. she did so much better at bedtime over the holiday break and that’s the only variable i can change.

ready for a peaceful evening,



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