mommy advice

dear world,

i’m feeling pretty accomplished in my mommy role at the moment. not only did we navigate the holiday madness without any major meltdowns, but two separate new moms asked me for advice!

first, our holidays this year started with a visit from my dear friend aunti m, then aunt b and her beau came for a visit, then santa came, then more presents with auntie a and nana. then we travelled all week to see MHM’s family and both girls got to see 3 more grandmas, two grandpas and a handful of uncles and aunts. i’m feeling a little overwhelmed and i’m a grown up. i can’t imagine what this must feel like when you’re 3 1/2. and poor baby N got all out of sorts. she was up every 45 minutes one night. tiring, but manageable.

which brings me to the mommy advice. about a week ago, i got a call from baby J’s mom. (baby J and baby N share a birthday.) apparently baby J had been sleeping almost through the night, only up once for a couple weeks and then just stopped. he was up every hour. she was beside herself. seriously, after a couple days without sleep, who wouldn’t be. then, i got the same question from my husband’s step-sister whose daughter is about a month younger than N.

the best i advice i could give was don’t worry, it’s a phase and it will pass. you didn’t do anything wrong. sometimes, their sleep cycles just change. we talked about nursing the baby to sleep, but in my experience that only works if your baby is hungry. the other thing i recommended is bringing the baby into bed with you. i am a firm believer that a small person needs to sleep in her own bed and be responsible for letting me know when she needs something. however, when i am going to be useless the next day because i’m so tired, i would rather everyone get some sleep and try again the next day.

that’s what i did this past week while we travelled and last night N slept in her own bed all night. it’s not a permanent solution, but it’ll at least help break the cycle.

happy new year and wishing you all sleepy babies,



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