dear santa

hello world,

this year, V really gets christmas. i mean, she knows who santa is, where he lives and that he’s going to bring her presents christmas morning. we discussed how christmas works the whole way to school this morning.

saturday is christmas eve. we’ll put out cookies and milk for santa. like olivia does? just like olivia does.

then, when you wake up christmas morning, santa will have left your presents under the tree. and i’ll give him a big hug!

well, no, and this is where the confusion sets in. we went around and around about how santa only comes while we’re all asleep and we don’t actually get to see him. i’m pretty sure she understands. (or maybe she just gave up and moved on.)

managing the expectations of a 3 1/2 year old is quite challenging. you build up this holiday so much and it all gets muddled in her brain. she wants a rocking horse, a belle doll and these toy dogs and cats she saw in a catalog. well, i don’t think santa is going to bring all those things, but maybe he’ll bring you stuff you didn’t ask for. yes, mommy, and a rocking horse, belle doll and dogs and cats. well, what if santa runs out of some of those? oh well, she says, that happens. i think we’ll be ok.

this will also be the first time we’re spending christmas morning in our house where we live. i’m kind of excited about. i think she’s really going to have fun.

looking forward to celebrating at home,



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