bye bye breastfeeding

dear world,

i have to start taking a medication that may pass into breast milk. they’re not sure, but it’s a pretty serious drug and falls into the don’t-take-chances category. i’m totally bummed.

i really thought i’d be able to do it this time and for 2 1/2 months i have. i planned on exclusively giving her my milk for the first 6 months then maybe introducing formula. so much for that. the good news is that we gave her formula this week and she likes it just fine. at least she won’t refuse to eat.

the other side of me is a little relieved to not be the only person responsible for nourishing her anymore. we had a lovely thanksgiving dinner yesterday and started with proseco. the for the actual meal, i chose a fancy bottle of red that we finished. i pumped and dumped like any good mommy should and i didn’t feel bad because i knew she would take a bottle.

i think i’ll miss the closeness if nursing the most. oh well. i did enjoy my yoga class this morning and i’m really going to enjoy my pedicure tomorrow. i’m looking forward to the added freedom i guess.




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