transitioning to bottle feeding

dear world,

the time has come for N to have someone else feed her. i can no longer be the sole person responsible for her milk. however, this is not as easy as i expected it to be.

V and i had a terrible time nursing. she always preferred a bottle and that’s how we fed her. i pumped for 6 months and she had formula from then on until she could drink regular milk.

N nurses like a champ. the first time we offered her a bottle, MHM held her and she hated it, then i tried and she just kept crying. she figured out how to suck and get the milk- she just didn’t like it. i’ve only tried once more since then and the same thing happened. i gave up and nursed her. this is not a viable solution if i ever want to go somewhere by myself (like to work, eventually).

so, world, i’m looking for advice. how does one get a baby who likes nursing to take a bottle?

looking for new ideas,



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