big girl chart

dear world,

to encourage good behavior with V, we have been using sticker charts. here’s how it works: V writes her name, then we write the numbers 1-10. then, she gets a sticker when she shows good behavior. once all 10 numbers are covered with stickers, she gets a treat.

V celebrating big girl behavior

yesterday, she got her 10th sticker and was so proud of herself. “i did it, mommy!” she yelled. when pop got home from work, she showed him her chart. the treat for this chart was a trip to jeni’s ice cream. she had been looking forward to it for a week. (we had some days of really not good behavior. sometimes it takes her a while to fill up her chart. it’s hard to be a big girl all the time.)

i was also looking forward to this reward, but N started crying right before dinner and didn’t stop for over an hour. needless to say, just pop and V got ice cream. still, it was a tremendous triumph for V. she really does try most of the time. the rest of the time, she’s still trying, but trying to see how far she can push the limits before getting in trouble.

super proud,


ps- the treat for her next good girl chart is a blue tutu. she’s going to love it!


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