i love you, baby bjorn

dear world,

baby N likes to stay in motion. she’s a baby that will be sound asleep in your arms, you lay her down in the bassinet and her eyes spring open as if to say, what, you think you can put me down? maybe all babies do this, but i don’t recall V being quite so restless.

baby carrying at the pumpkin patch

if it was just me and a baby, this wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but i have V and things to do around the house. we struggled for a while to figure this out, but brought back the baby bjorn from storage and my life is better because of it. (we also have the beco butterfly, but it has an insert that squishes her face. i think it will work better when she’s bigger.)

let me tell you what i accomplished yesterday with N in the carrier: 45 minute walk, vacuumed downstairs, put dishes away, made applesauce.

i always kind of thought people who proclaimed themselves to be baby wearers were kind of weird. like it was a philosophy i had to subscribe to, but for this baby who also hates being in her car seat, the front pack carrier is my saving grace.

look ma, i’m using two hands,



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